Brief van IVKO leerling " Glasha": The end? Or is this the beginning? ‘

Gepubliceerd op 14 juli 2016 « Terug naar nieuwsoverzicht

             ‘  The end? Or is this the beginning? ‘


This is it. It’s time to turn the page of this chapter to another.

Being scared to say goodbye?

I remember I was afraid to walk into IVKO and pretend like I’m absolutely cool. I remember I was watching the students how were happy, laughing and looking to all of us like we were the smallest people on earth. I told to my self, I wood never act like them when I’ll be in their position. And then I thought, will I ever be?

My journey started when I got a letter from IVKO that they took me as a student. I was crying, screaming from happiness. I never thought that IVKO will change me but it did. The first time in my life I wasn’t ashamed of my self. I was proud. I felt home and I never had that feeling before. It was my first year and I didn’t even think that someday it would be my last. After my second year I started to get mad about the fact that this school has a bad organization and it was killing me a little. But then I thought.. I met some incredible people and that’s already something I will be thankful for the rest of my life. When I got into my last year I got very sick.. and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. I didn’t make my final exams and did my last year over. I think that was a sign that I’m not ready to get into the wild life.. I needed more time and I got it. Yes, maybe not the easy way, but I did and I’m glad about it.

Will I ever be big enough to walk out of those doors? NO…

This is my last year.. And I have no idea how this year will end for me and will it be a real goodbye, but no matter what I just want to thank all those incredible people for letting me believe in how I really am. Thank you for fighting back and giving me a second chance. I will never forget IVKO and I will always remember that the most amazing time of my life I spent at studying at school. I’m sorry if I ever disappointed you.

Maybe you think this is to much, but this is me and the way I express my dearest feelings.


“Thank you for being part of my life”



   - Glasha Bulichov